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Welcome to the 1st Ranger Battalion website!

About us
    The 1st Ranger Battalion (1stRB) is a realism unit that was made on November 18, 2013. We operate on ArmA 2 using the mod ACE and ACRE. Here in the 1stRB we reach to play ArmA 2 in a tactical and realistic fashion, doing things from real military drills and trainings such as BCT (Basic Combat Training) to ACT (Advanced Combat Training). We will also be doing large scale operations and squad drills.

List of trainings we do
-BCT (Basic Combat Training) learn the basics of ArmA 2, ACE and ACRE functions.
-ACT (Advanced Combat Training) learn the advanced skills of breaching and clearing, CQB, vehicle dismounting and ACRE Communications.
- Jump school, learn how to properly parachute into an AO.
- And more.

More information to be shown!
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